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The Eagles Academy

An International Accredited Alternative Approach to Education

The Eagles Academy uses content from Moral Reconation Therapy, focusing on cognitive behavioural therapy, to help students make better decisions. At the end of their stint at TEA, we not only want students making better life decisions, but we also want them to be at an academic level which will allow them to keep up with their fellow peers. Although students who attend TEA may be able to make better decisions based on the discipline and training received by the school, they can still potentially be left behind academically if attention is not paid to their math and literacy skills, once they are reintegrated into their original schools or community.

We understand that many of our students do not have the proper literacy and math foundation to perform at higher levels. As such, we want to implement several key strategies that will increase the number of students scoring in the proficient range and reduce the number of students scoring in the warning/failure range. Ideally, we want parents to understand that once their child graduates at TEA, they will not only be making more positive behavioural decisions, but their math and literacy IQ would have also increased. TEA would have the proper assessments which reflect these changes. Here are our key strategies:

Comprehensive Evaluation

Each student will receive a comprehensive evaluation. A psychological evaluation will be performed by our case worker. However, an evaluation will also be done to determine our students’ academic abilities. As well, a learning styles inventory will be administered to all students. Once learning styles are determined, we will adapt instruction accordingly.  Student needs—informed by ongoing assessments that are judged as useful and reliable by teachers—will drive curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development decisions.

Use of Adaptive Diagnostic and Personalized Instruction

This tool is intelligent enough to reach the student at his level. As the student learns, questions and assessments will automatically adapt to his learning. This is ideal for our students as they will all be entering our program at different academic levels and this tool will target the student’s highest areas of need. We do not want to use the cookie cutter approach as is currently used in most schools for teaching. This individualized learning will greatly assist with bringing students to the appropriate levels.


Research has shown that reading develops your verbal abilities, improves your focus and concentration, improves your imagination and overall, makes you smarter. Whilst our instructional tools work on increasing literacy skills, our students will also be reading. They will have books to read during the course of their tenure. Books chosen will be different, interesting and will aim to capture the attention of our students. We will be scheduling time for reading during the week.


It is our understanding that many of the students who enter our program, do not have positive male role models in their life, whom they can speak to. It is our goal to pair each student with a positive male role model.

Test Taking Strategies

Some of the students who enter TEA, may perform relatively well during the school term, but may fail their final exams. Test taking strategies and practice tests will be emphasized in each class.

Academic Enrichment

For all students, there will be a strong emphasis on academic enrichment activities in areas such as the arts (i.e. National Art Gallery), music, theater (the Dundas Center), debate, science/technology, fitness and health, high school and college preparedness. We will partner with local organizations to expose students to the various activities.


We will develop and implement pathways for partnership with parents to increase each student’s success in school and continue to promote open lines of communication between students, parents and instructors.

The Eagles Academy is based on the following core BELIEFS AND VALUES:

We believe in student success.

We believe every individual has value.

We believe everyone can learn.

We believe in continuous learning.

We believe in community partnerships.

We believe in a safe and healthy learning environment.

We believe that with rights come responsibility and accountability.

Course List:

    • Bible
    • English
    • Math
    • History
    • Science
    • Physical Education & Health
    • Finance & Economics
    • Electives
    • MRT – Moral Reconation Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Treatment)
    • Civics
    • Social Skills Training
    • Leadership Development

Curriculum and Instruction

These programs help your student achieve academic success, earn an accredited online high school diploma, and prepare them for the future. Students study core subjects, including language arts, mathematics, history, and science, and choose from an ever-growing variety of electives including Bible and Spanish.

Our curriculum prepares your student for success in Junior and high school, and beyond with these benefits:

  • Structured yet flexible program.
  • Customized learning plans to meet your student’s educational needs.
  • Flexible enrollment, students can begin any time throughout the year.
  • Around-the-clock access to curriculum and grades.
  • Academic, administrative, and technical support.
  • Certified teachers and responsible staff.
  • Proven curriculum taught from a biblical perspective.
  • International Blended Alternative School
  • Affiliation Agreement with Liberty University Online Academy
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Accredited
  • Convenient


Year-Round Schooling:                                       $458.33 /Month

9th-12th Grade: 26 course credits

*Costing is Inclusive of Educational Materials, Assessment, Evaluations, Labs etc