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Project Re-entry Caribbean

This effective program is tailored for the individual, using a research driven process that begins when an offender is incarcerated and ends when he is successfully reintegrated as a law-abiding citizen.

Re-Entry Center / Transitional Home

Project Re-Entry Services are provided both inside Bahamas Department of Correctional Services and in the community by L.E.A.D. Institute’s staff and in collaboration with our community partners: Royal Bahamas Police & Defense Forces, Department of Rehabilitative/Welfare Services. Project Re-entry assists former offenders returning to the community after serving prison sentences in avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with life after incarceration.

The mission of the program is to improve the reintegration of ex-offenders, reduce criminal justice cost, and increase public safety.

Project Re-Entry begins working with inmates prior to their release through a structured, group-based curriculum that is offered in designated Facilities in the Bahamas and North Carolina. In addition to providing valuable information and education, pre-release sessions also allow Project Re-Entry staff to build trust and familiarity with inmates as they attempt to reconnect with the “outside” world. Inmates begin to think beyond the prison walls, overcome their own emotional barriers, and learn how to build healthy human connections.

Along with the pre-release curriculum, Project Re-Entry also provides a variety of post-release services to pre-release program graduates after their release. Services address issues such as employment, education, deinstitutionalization, counseling, substance abuse, transportation, and family re-integration.

In the community, Project Re-Entry shares a strong partnership with, law enforcement agencies, local businesses, and other assistance agencies. Project Re-Entry also regularly provides training and education on reentry issues and assists in local and national agency planning.  Project Family is a division of Project Re-Entry to support customized, child centered reunification plans for families with criminal justice involved parents.

Pre-Release Services - Project Re-entry

Project Re-entry begins working with inmates prior to their release through a structured, group-based curriculum that is offered in designated prison facilities.

Sessions assist inmates in preparing “home plans” through specific, targeted and realistic topics related to transition.

How the Program Works:

  • Inmates can request to be referred to the pre-release program by their BDCS case manager (if in a participating prison facility).
  • Once approved, the inmate will begin Project Re-entry pre-release programming at the next scheduled program cycle start date.

Post-Release Services - Project Re-entry

Post release services are available to participants who have successfully completed pre-release programming, individuals who have been released from any local, state, or regional prison within last 30 days, or participants who are referred from partner agencies.

Services may include individual case management/transition planning, deinstitutionalization counseling, employment and vocational training, mental health and substance abuse treatment referrals, housing referrals, basic needs and transportation assistance, family reunification support.

How the Program Works:

    • Pre-release graduates have an appointment made prior to their release, if released to a designated post- release services island.
    • Individuals who have been released from any local, state, or regional prison within the last 30 days contact staff in their island of residence to schedule an initial appointment.
    • Referrals from partner agencies are initiated by staff from referring agency.
    • Referrals and consultations from family members and friends contact staff on their island for assistance and guidance.