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LEAD Testimonials

LEAD Institute


MRT’s Impact on its Participants

“Barefoot” seen on the upper right, is a life-sentenced inmate in Maximum Security Prison in Raleigh, NC. During his testimonial presentation he shared how the MRT program not only impacted his life, but the effects were far-reaching…

As a required Step – The Step of “Helping Others”, participants are required to give back to their community (within the prison). He decided to keep his dorm environment clean. So daily he would clean up the bathrooms and dorm area. As a result, his peers (not involved in the program) joined him in taking pride in keeping their surrounding clean. For him, the impact of MRT program was far reaching as it not only impacted his life, but the lives of those around him.

LEAD Institute rebrands through Affiliation with Liberty University Online Academy

2021 is coined “The Year of Reset” for LEAD Institute.  The organization is aggressively enhancing its look and approach. With its rebranding comes the partnership and affiliation with Liberty University Online Academy which offers a stellar educational program for High School Students through  the Eagles Academy Program.